"2010" Featured Movies

Prince (2010)

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A diamond thief loses his memory and is unable to locate an antique coin that he had stolen earlier.

Teen Patti (2010)

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A disgraced professor recounts his career and involvement with gambling.

Chance Pe Dance (2010)

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New love convinces a struggling actor and dancer to enter a talent competition that could make him a superstar.

Hisss (2010)

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Based on the Far Eastern myth of the snake woman who is able to take on human form.

Break Ke Baad (2010)

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Childhood friends Abhay and Aaliya experience plenty of obstacles in their paths as they find their way in the world and back to each other.

Lafangey Parindey (2010)

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Set in grungy Mumbai, an edgy love story of a blindfolded street fighter and a blind dancer and their never-say-die spirit to achieve the impossible.

No Problem (2010)

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Bank robbers, diamond thieves, the homicide of a minister, a hyper wife are just some of the challenges faced by a bumbling senior police officer.

Allah Ke Banday (2010)

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Two impoverished youth take to crime, are held in a juvenile home, and become gangsters after being discharged.

Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge? (2010)

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A couple's married life is turned upside down when a distant relative overstay in their home.

Pyaar Impossible! (2010)

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Everybody loves beautiful Alisha and it's no surprise that nerdy Abhay loves her too but she doesn't know he exists until years later their paths cross.

Badmaash Company (2010)

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Four youngsters grow rich together with a big idea in 90's middle-class Bombay. All is hunky dory till they are forced to shut shop until a plan comes up.

Crook: It's Good to Be Bad (2010)

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Corrupt police and racially motivated attacks against Indian students complicate a re-located crook's life and romance in Australia.

Aashayein (2010)

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A man meets with assorted characters in a nursing home after being diagnosed with cancer.

Action Replayy (2010)

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A young man tries to revive his parents' wilting marriage in a unique manner - travel to the 1970s when their romance was budding and make it bloom. This is more complex than he expects.

Hello Hum Lallann Bol Rahe Hain (2010)

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A security guard arranges the marriage of the woman he loves to another man.

Knock Out (2010)

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Hidden with a mysterious agenda, a sniper holds a businessman hostage in a closed phone booth cell, where he is ordered to obey the tasks of sniper or he will be killed.

Striker (2010)

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Amidst strictly enforced curfew by Bombay Police during December 1992 following Hindu-Muslim riots, Suryakant - one of four siblings from Malad's Malvani slums, heads home. While doing so, he reflects on his childhood; his sisters: Devi and Rajni; brother Chandrakant; his dad, Shashikant, as well his mother; his expertise with the Carrom-board; run-ins with extortionist-goon, Jaleel Khan; his friendship with Zaid Khan; his crush on Noorie as well as his plans to find employment in Dubai; why he could not attend Devi's marriage, as well as the tragedy that awaits him.

Khatta Meetha (2010)

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A seemingly corrupt petty contractor faces challenges from the local municipality, his family, his employees, as well as a former girlfriend and her family.

Rann (2010)

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Unfolds the story behind the news industry and its political conspiracies.

Aisha (2010)

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Chaos results after a wealthy woman decides to turn match-maker for a naive village belle.

Mirch (2010)

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A story-writer attempts to convince a producer to accept four erotic stories from the Panchtantra.

Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey (2010)

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Children who are not allowed by the oppressive British colonists to play football decide to join a group of freedom fighters.

Tees Maar Khan (2010)

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Posing as a movie producer, a conman attempts to trick an entire village into helping him rob a treasure-laden train.

Veer (2010)

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In early twentieth-century British India, the Pindari leader Prithvi Singh narrates his story to a reporter from the London Times - a story of betrayal and deceit at the hands of the British and Madhavgarh's Raja Gyanendra Singh, which led to the massacre of 4500 Pindaris.